New York, USA (Shuzzr): Finding a David amongst a slew of Goliath in Reggae and Dancehall is no easy feat. However, there are many artist out there who haven’t been able to garner the well much spotlight to which their musical repertoire deserves.

In a rapidly changing Jamaican culture where Reggae and Dancehall echoes the reality of the Jamaican lifestyle. Many are forced to adjust or change and very few reggae songs that have managed to emerged onto the mainstream market isn’t at its core authentic Jamaican Reggae music. Read the rest of this entry »


An Open Letter to the Queen of Dancehall Lady Saw,

I write to you as your humble, gracious and utmost loyal fan. When I saw the headlines recently regarding your conviction, I was overwhelmed by the fact that you’ve decided to dedicate your life to serving the Heavenly master. Your actions are testament to the fact that the Lord do work in mysterious ways, wonders to perform. Read the rest of this entry »


Will the Cheerleader Artist, OMI, get the Grammy Nod?

International Recording Artist, Omi, did what most Jamaican artist only dreamed about doing this year, and that is, topping the acclaimed Billboard charts. The Recording Academy recently concluded its yearly screening process for selecting the top acts in over 83 categories in 30 different fields. Though nominations won’t be announced till early December, music critics may start to wonder if the Jamaican act who tireless pushed his “old single” may have earned a placed within the top four top categories namely “Record of the Year”, and “Song of the Year”. Read the rest of this entry »

Who is Dancehall’s Most Notorious Rapist? 

We seem to be in one of Jamaica’s darkest times at the moment in recent history. With Jamaica’s crime rate escalating beyond the level of chaos, and the recent curious case of Odane the alleged rapist, it doesn’t take an expert analyst to determine that we are in perilous times. Since I’m neither a politician nor social commentator and my department of expertise lies within the Dancehall industry, I will focus on Dancehall’s own alleged “rapist” Alkaline a.ka. Vendetta Clan Champ.  Read the rest of this entry »


“Excuse Me… Let Me Speak” – Simpson-Miller, PM

Just like any other visit, Prime Minister, Portia Simpson-Miller, who was in New York visiting reportedly had to end her speech early last night due to pressure from the local gay community. Read the rest of this entry »


NEW YORK, USA (Shuzzr) – Based on the article published in the Jamaica Star on Monday March, 16 2015 and several other issues. I Shuzzr, would like to publicly make the following statement:

Its saddens me that Grammy Award winning artiste, Shaggy, would seek to use his platform to downplay, fib or make a mockery publicly on matters concerning Homosexuality, Human Rights, Discrimination & Torture faced by any group but more specifically his fellow Jamaican citizens. Jamaica has continued to demonstrate to the world its stance on homosexuality and has been labelled by TIME Magazine in 2004 as the “Most Homophobic country in the world.” Read the rest of this entry »

Below is a response to Dane Lewis, Article Published on Sunday February 22, 2015, in the Jamaica Gleaner.

Once Again the director of JFLAG has decided to speak on behalf of a group of individuals who don’t necessarily share the same sentiments. The continuous extending of an olive branch to the Reggae & Dancehall Industry has gotten old and isn’t effective. Read the rest of this entry »