Upcoming Artiste FLIM Releases New Single Titled ‘Athletic Event’.


New York, USA (Shuzzr PR): In an era where it is so easy to create and release songs, only few will stand out as MUSICIANS. Nowadays it is believed that music is just standing in front of a microphone and recording the first thing that comes to your head, filled with nursery rhymes and no meaning.  Young Jamaican born songwriter Kemar “flim” Martin aims to not only have his music known worldwide but also be known for his well written songs with meaning that induces thinking and sparks interest. To be a forensic scientist and a musician on the side is his goal. His aim is to do every genre of music, mainly dancehall and reggae.  Continue reading

Reggae & Dancehall on Trial Again – FBI Arrest & Charge Industry Heavyweight.


“The Writing On The Wall”

Dancehall Journal, pt6. #Dancehall&ReggaeVSLaw

Is Reggae & Dancehall itself under trial? We have witnessed the rise and fall of one of Dancehall’s most prestigious and successful practitioners Vybz Kartel and with the conviction of Buju Banton, Fippa Mafia, and Busy Signal all in recent times, the question is still left unanswered or addressed. Continue reading

Alkaline The Lil Wayne Of Dancehall

Dancehall Review, pt5.  

Referred to as the “the things me love artiste, Alkaline, is undoubtedly the most popular, relevant and prolific figure in the Dancehall Industry currently.

The industry which has had its setbacks with Busy Signal, Buju Banton and Vybz Kartels arrest and conviction has placed an enormous strain on the few noticeable/relevant entertainers, groups(s) and or duo who were charged with the responsibility of keeping the dynamic ever changing culture not just relevant and viable but a means for Jamaicans and music lovers to be able to identify with.  Continue reading

Busy Signal: The Simon Cowell of Dancehall?

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The Jamaican Reggae Dancehall music industry has always been a thing of the people and for the people. Its been a reflection of the country’s society by its own. Since his release Busy Signal has been trying his best to salvage whats left of his career. With scheduled press conferences and interviews done, he has yet to or his team has failed to, reintroduce him in a manner that’s fitting for an artiste who brought Jamaica’s reputation once more into disrepute.

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Dancehall Puts JWonder & 21st Hapilos Entertainm​ent Group On Trial For Corruption


New York, USA : As quoted by one of the digital distribution kingpin’s in dancehall who contacted me with their feedback following the first article, “everything you said was true and continues to be so. We have new clients that come to us every day with the same issues people have had for 2 years”. I could go on and fill this article with ten pages of testimonies from many respected people who have suffered from the tyranny of this wolf. Continue reading

Hapilos Entertainment Group Responds to Press Release Attacking 21st Hapilos Digital; Stands by its EVP Johnny Wonder

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Hapilos Entertainment Group has taken the rare step to address its critics and respond to a release posted on the internet attacking its Executive Vice President Johnny Wonder.

First, let’s call the article for what it is. The article is a poorly written, hateful, calculating, malicious press release written with only one purpose in mind and that is character assassination. Based on the overwhelming responses we have received from the hundreds of producers and artistes across the globe that currently have active distribution deals with us and the general public on a whole, it is clear that this release is being taken for what it is which is a hateful attempt at destroying the reputation of Johnny Wonder. An individual which even the attacker conceded has done so much for reggae music. The writer who proclaims herself to be an “artist” who was handed down bad “customer service” is a…

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Dancehall Practition​ers Label Digital Distributo​r JWonder As “The Wolf Of Dancehall”


The Dancehall & Reggae community has come to its peak in recent weeks with an excess of music that lacks creativity and quality. There has been an outcry for a form of quality control within this particular music industry for as long as we can remember. There has been a need for a quality control sector which disallows certain music that doesn’t meet the regulated standards of production from being distributed within this market.

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No Grammy For Sizzla.


In lieu of the Grammy Reggae Album Nominations and Sizzla performance at the recent staging of Sting, one would expect that the organizers of the most recognized entertainment award show worldwide would seek to distance themselves from the act and his pronouncements.
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