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Canandaian Rapper Yabadaba Releases New Music

Kingston, Jamaica (Shuzzr & MPR Consulting):  In 2009 Yababda won the award for Best New Single Of the Year on 93.7WBLK Unsigned Hype (ButterFly Remix) and since then his career has been soaring to new heights.

Born in Toronto Canada and currently resides in Brampton, Yabadaba has come a far way where his life was filled with negativity. The young phenomenon started singing with his church choir from a tender age as he had an intrinsic love for music.

The name Yabadaba has been with him since he then, as he always wanted to stand out. Yabadaba needed something that separates him from all his colleges, and he has it. The artiste states that ” with my raw talent, raw rhymes, hot punches & hot hooks, its just a little piece of the pie that separates me from others”.

With his extensive vocabulary & usage of many literary devices, his craft has been compared to the likes of Busta Rhymes. Although he his humbled by the comparison, his simplicity keeps him in touch with reality.

Though he attempted to pursue a boxing career, Yabadaba aspirations ended abruptly as he was stabbed 7 times as well as sustained a punctured lung. Though the subject never comes up in his music, the unfortunate incident has motivated him positively. He has the desire to improve the quality of music in Toronto and he remains resolute to the cause, as he pursued music due to his dissatisfaction with the quality of music being produced & prompted in Toronto. He further states “I’m not hating on anyone, but we (rappers) are being misrepresented by the people in the Toronto’s music industry. Rap is not being held down Proper. I want to help build a great industry in my own backyard”.

If your looking for the real deal, Yabadaba represent such & though violence is no stranger to this artiste, he his reminded that he bears something in common with the platinum selling artiste 50 Cent.

Having performed locally in Toronto from after parties to various Clubs and concert Halls, at the end of the day Yabadaba’s just wants to be remembered as one who enjoys life in abundance. Look out for Yabadaba’s upcoming album.


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