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Reasons We Love…

Sometime we search for the reasons to love or to continue loving in the present while it’s already written in our past.

It’s our history of differences, it’s imperfections, it’s scars that holds the reasons that should propels us to transcend our bond.

We at times call it quits on love which in essence is life, but it’s those reasons we should use to move beyond where the broken bends and learn to love and live again.

It’s the ugliness that we hide in us thats holds the real truth that we should share as we seek to understand what we had, have and will continue to enjoy.

At times people forget we are humans built not to perfection and lose sight of the simple stuff. If we appreciate not just the lost but the pain its a lost already won.

Life’s simplicity (Trees, Sun, Moon etc) is the jewels that hold the worth of world in balance, the real economist or actuarist. 

The age of our love doesn’t mean a lifetime of happiness but rather a life time of understanding and selflessness.

The pursuit of perfection isn’t about being perfect rather the inner strength we develop on the quest.

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