SUNY Brockport Student Request an Apology

Words can’t describe how offensive, degrading and outright inappropriately unprofessional the tone of the emergency broadcast, that was made on Tuesday, September 30, 2014 about the unfortunate stabbing incident on campus.

The university in its effort to make its students aware of the confrontation through various media channels about what had unfolded on campus, sought to use racial profiling to identify who the assailant was. The major issue in the broadcast was the choice of words used to describe the race of the attacker. One could be of the assumption that individuals who are employed to an institution of this level would be more sensitive to its demography and be more politically correct when describing various races.

We no longer live in an era where the word “black” is used to describe individuals who can be classified by the color of their skin. The struggles our forefathers and our nation have endured to move us beyond such distinction has passed many years ago, even though it’s apparently evident that the old colonial thought still remains alive in the minds of some.

The choice of word could have led to the incident escalating. The word “black” sought to put those who are of African descent in a lower class, making it come across as if a slave had escaped and had injured the child of the plantation’s master. Referring to someone as black is tantamount to calling them that forbidden N-word.

While the incident is unfortunate, and by no means condoned. As a member of the student body I fully support all legal efforts to attain and prosecute the perpetrator who had violated our safety. We cannot look pass the tone of the broadcast and or notification(s) that was made by the university and as such, an apology should be rendered based on the tone/choice of words that was used in the aforementioned.



Rickardo Smith,



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