Media Advisory


Media Advisory

August 12th, 2019


New York, USA (Shuzzr) – Over the past few days our company has suffered publicly and by extension possibly yours with regards to reporting on a press release in which we articulated our client’s views. The statement at the time was authenticated and approved for release by said client (Vershon) and was done with the intent that our client was truthful on the matter.

Unfortunately, such wasn’t the case and as a result our brand’s image and credibility has suffered damages. Though we must accept a degree of fault, we can’t ignore the position your company and ours has been placed in not to mention the legally, and professionally implications that could possibly arise. It’s not that we don’t have systems or protocols in place to prevent such, but these systems or protocols failed us due to our former’s clients reluctance to be truthful in their candor.

As a means of  transparency and correcting the error, we have severed ties with the client who provided us with an untrue series of events. This wasn’t our intention, however, after his refusal to offer an apology we had to take the initiative to correct the harm that was inflicted on Bermuda image/brand. Shuzzr PR has since offered a public apology to those impacted; reach out to the Bermuda government to deal with the issue privately and retained legal counsel handle the matter further.

Our relationship with media outlets across the world over the past 10 years has been valuable and has produced countless publications or rather an indirect partnership educating/informing the general public on varying entertainment stories. We wouldn’t want this to change as these professional relationships and friendships are immensely valuable to us. Hence our personal apology to you our media partners, and friends. We look forward to continuing working with you.

Below we have highlight facts surrounding the debacle if you seek further insight and once again, Our Sincere Apologies.

Here are the facts:

  1. On August 3rd, 2019, Shuzzr PR got permission to draft and issue a statement stating “Vershon denied entry into Bermuda”. The artiste sent us an audio file with the details to which we articulated on his behalf to the media. The client read and approved the dissemination of said release. At this point, the information related to us was true to our knowledge, and we say this under the penalty of perjury.
  2. The initial statement stood in the public domain for approximately 6 days with no quarrel public nor private from our client as he enjoyed the media coverage from it.
  3. It wasn’t until The Minister of Security for Bermuda, Mr Caines, public statement refuting Vershon’s initial stance that were we made aware that the statement he had provided us was untrue. At this point, we reached out to our client and advise him to make a public apology, which he refused to do multiple times.
  4. Upon our client’s refusal to issue an apology, we then made a conscious decision to sever ties and issue one of our own to the people of Bermuda.
  5. Our firm has always garnered the approval of our clients before issuing any statements on their behalf. Anything otherwise wouldn’t be responsible of us and we standby such.




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