November 17, 2021 Shuzzr

I Rebuke Queen Ifrica, Tony Rebel & any other Bigotry or Homophobic views within the Jamaican Music Landscape.

Over the past few days, several of our beloved rising stars have decided whether through fear, blackmail or just them finding their voice or inner strength to disclose their sexuality publicly. Since the said disclosure, many including the likes of Queen Ifrica, Tony Rebel and others have decided to publicly scold their private choices; bring into question their talent, the message they share through their music, the genre and the group they represent or affiliated with. I would like to publicly share my support for these talented women who have garnered the strength to live in their truth publicly and rebuke any ill will towards them.

The Reggae genre and the Rastafarian faith hasn’t been used as a cover to hide any particular agenda nor is it the target of any particular group. The Rastafarian faith/genre today encompasses a diverse group of individuals, who should be respected especially as it continues to seek recognition globally. 

The Jamaican Motto “Out of Many One People” speaks to their place amongst a nation which still struggles today with colonialism, traditional norms surrounding sexuality & gender, inclusivity and other ideologies which have no place in today’s global society.  

Lila Ike’, Jada Kingdom and others with shared interest, beliefs or those respecting one’s individual liberty of choice should not be ostracized but rather engaged in the ongoing discussions and judge on the merits of their talent not sexual preferences.   

Jamaica is home to a diverse group of individuals, who continues to bring the island’s sunshine and warmth in varying ways to its people and those outside its shores. Stop policing people’s bedroom! 

Rickardo Shuzzr

Entertainment Publicist

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