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Diana King and Cedella Marley lends voice to Tanya Stephens & the Jamaican Feminism Movement.

Tanya Stephens, a modern-day feminist, cultural gem, and reggae songstress taps Diana King and Cedella Marley on her latest single ‘Diamonds in the Sun’ off her upcoming summer album. 

Throughout history, women and the role of women in the advancement of nations, cultures and societies have often been marginalized. With different waves of feminism fighting for body autonomy, gender and pay equality, the struggles of women continue to be just as relevant decades ago today with even more at stake.

Tanya Stephens, a reggae songstress is undeniably one of Jamaica’s most underrated talents. The reggae artiste who is known for singles such as ‘Nuh Ready fi Dis Yet’, on Dave Kelly’s Joyride riddim, ‘It’s a Pity’, ‘These Street’’ and ‘Boom Wok’ has evolved into more than a beautiful songbird, to a now prominent dissent and feminist in Jamaica.

Just like the island’s heroine, Nanny of the Maroons, Tanya’s rebellious spirit, raspy tone and timely fiery critique on issues affecting Jamaica and the global community continues to stir conversations often too hard to have in the public discourse. From signing multiple record deals, touring, and disrupting various circuits, Tanya Stephens a multi-award and accredited artiste, songwriter and vocalist remains till this day one of the most revered voices in reggae-dancehall music.

As the artiste gears up for her first project in 8 years and 10th in her musical career, Tanya Stephens in recent years has led public discourse surrounding equality, gender abuse and political over-reach and incompetence. The lyric punching critic, who has shared her personal story and plight, remains vigilant not just in her social media rants, but through her most powerful tool, her voice and music, as she continues the fight, advocating whilst entertaining.

On May 20th, 2022, Tanya Stephen released the lead single from her upcoming album titled “Diamond in the Sun” featuring Jamaican Billboard artiste Diana King and Cedella Marley, daughter of reggae icon Bob Marley.

The single, which captures the voices and stories of three Jamaican women, takes listeners on a musical-emotional journey, bringing the many unheard feminine tales from an island with rich and renowned history to the forefront. Tanya speaking on behalf of victims of abuse and child neglect, Ms. King for Gender Equality & Justice, and Ms. Marley’s own representation offers a reality with a shiny glimmer of hope.  

A musical therapeutic of feminist expression befitting for today’s climate, capturing the road to Jamaica’s feminine independence, ‘Diamonds in the Sun’ represents an ode to the Jamaican feminist movement & justice. More than a testimony for the mentioned artiste, Tanya Stephens and her peers in her latest music pursuit artistically balance their life’s experiences with harmonies on notes evoking emotions, and action.

With themes such as oppression, abuse, gender, equality, forgiveness, neglect, child abuse, domestic violence, in an era of #Metoo #JohnnyDepp and women rights, Tanya reminds us of the strength and beauty of a woman often ignored and undervalued.

‘Diamonds in the Sun’ is available on all digital platforms with the scheduled release for Tanya Stephens upcoming album slated for late July 2022, distributed by TADDs Records. 


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