Kingston, Jamaica – Due to developments of issues pertaining to the GAZA Camp, I feel it necessary that I speak on issues related to the Gaza operations, leader and members (both former and current).

It has been almost two years since I was introduced to members and friends closely affiliated with the GAZA Camp. Since this time it has been a pleasure to be affiliated members of a group that possessed great talent and drive under the direction of the Vybz Kartel who I always refer to as a phenomenal human being.

Most people do not understand that GAZA was not designed to be a forum for development of young people talent’s but was a designed mechanism to make Vybz Kartel the most influential, respected and successful Dancehall act in Jamaica and the international stage. He sought out the vast reservoir of talent that existed in Jamaica and just like every businessman, saw an opportunity and took hold of it (just like our predecessors – modern day slavery). (continue reading click read more)

The Gaza was designed to make Vybz Kartel the artist he wanted to be and ultimately become and will continue to do much more for him career wise. It is a business and goes to show how little infrastructure there is to help develop youths within this society.

All former members of the camp are to be equally blamed for what has transpired over the years. They all are “his partners in crime” and if he were to be brought before any Judicial council they too must be brought forward as they have served as his accomplices in the perpetuation of the Gaza ideals and aims. #fighting for what you believe in.

As it relates to artists who have left the camp and have gone to start a slanderous public relations campaign against their former boss or partner I am not in support of this behavior. This drive to differentiate or redeem themselves in the eyes of the public by highlighting the so call ills of Vybz Kartel is not only disloyal but ineffective. We all need to remember that Vybz Kartel is what we make him to be. He just has been able to listen to and empathize with the disfranchised population in Jamaica – gutters; behind every zinc fence as well as appeal to those in Norbrook and belvedere heights. He has listened to us as young people no matter what social background we come from.

I do not write to justify his actions but you can not blame a man for trying to become more than what society has pre-destined him to be.

We need to stop trying to persecute this man for all the ills in society when the blame should be on us and our forefathers.

He is indeed the voice of the Ghetto.

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