With the release of his Mix Tape “YiY Change”; his recent stint in Trinidad & Tobago from which had rumours swirling that the “Raving King” Popcaan had booking mishaps that led to promoters there hunting the Dj to cause him harm. Also being awarded Young, Hot & Hype Artist of 2011 & Song of the Year at 5th staging of the Youth View Awards, many concerns have been raised.

Now an air of uncertainty looms over Popcaan’s future and his ability to not only continue delivering hits but maintaining effective & efficient management which will ensure that he fully exploit the financial opportunities that exist while the rave spreads locally and internationally.When Vybz Kartel wasn’t incarcerated the DJ’s career was under tight keen management. Every moved was strategized and well calculated as the Gaza structure was fully intact and its machinery operational to ensure its members gets the best results.

Now four months later, the Gaza seems to be at it knees of Jamaican Authorities. Charges laid, Arrests made, Bail Denied and a seemed tactical thrust by the authorities to cripple the Gaza elements and its leader Vybz Kartel.

Now Popcaan is successor to the Vybz Kartel led Gaza Empire and he has been the only one yet to not have been either question or deemed a “Man of Interest” by Jamaican Authorities. (Thank God – Not counting ma chickens before the egg hatches though).

So with a crippled empire and an artist from it #1 locally and across several hemisphere being left to functioned with no business skills, management or experience and all former advisors/employees of the camp have disappeared or been charged or under police scrutiny. What will happen?

We’ve seen where the interim Booking Agent / Manager that stepped in when Vybz Kartel was arrested, seems to no longer be working the him (I wonder why?).

Now Promoters crying fowl with bookings and he can’t travel to certain major paying markets (sounds familiar-Vybz Medicine).
And he seems to live in a paranoid shell mentality. Which will not work for him as it did for Vybz Kartel.

Also an ongoing police investigation into “The Gaza” which may reveal interesting details in months to come. (Not speaking from ma goat mouth)

The artist seems to have no management, no experienced or honest dedicated bookie or good PR Team. (What will happen?)

So what!? Will the Popcaan pop throughout the year? Or will Popcaan just self-destruct or die in his own toxic?

By Early Summer the artist hype and career may either die or seem to exist if his Mentor remains behind bar and if he don’t implement the necessary corrective measure.

The future isn’t written in Stone Poppy but “Thou art weighed in the balance and art found wanting.”

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