Tifa & DJ Kurt Riley Releases latest single One Chance, One Dance


New York, USA (Shuzzr PR) – If there was ever a Jamaican female act that has remain consistent throughout the years it’s the island native princess, TIFA. The artiste who is constantly dominating the airwaves, securing and executing huge sponsorship deals with local and international brands, remains humble and resolute in her endeavors. Continue reading “Tifa & DJ Kurt Riley Releases latest single One Chance, One Dance”

RDX Electrify Dancehall & The World Yet Again

**New York, USA (Shuzzr PR)** – Just when we thought that dancehall music and culture which is filled with high energy, extraordinary dance moves, cirque du soleil skills driven by the eccentric beat of the island and its people was at her lowest point in years. Dancehall Sensation and Internationally acclaimed duo, RDX, has risen to the forefront yet again restoring the musical pulse to the scene. Continue reading “RDX Electrify Dancehall & The World Yet Again”

Remembering An Icon- Dexter 3D Pottinger.

Honoring and remembering the life of an iconic figure isn’t an easy fete. There won’t be a single individual that will be able to capture the true essence of such, as their life was shared with so many. Dexter Pottinger, wasn’t just another one of Jamaica’s outcasted child rather he was the son of a nation that sought to stifle his freedom of expression regardless … Continue reading Remembering An Icon- Dexter 3D Pottinger.

G7 Release Controversial Single titled “Needle Eye”


Contributed: The New Jersey-based Deejay, who originally hails from Portmore in St. Cathrine, Jamaica, is currently enjoying much attention with a new single titled Needle Eye.

The song that was produced by the Manchester Based Studio Vibes production team know for last Summer’s hit Pandora Riddim their new Riddim Game Changer riddim was released on the 25th of February. Continue reading “G7 Release Controversial Single titled “Needle Eye””

JLP New Cabinet


The following is a complete breakdown of who we think will form the next Cabinet and their respective portfolios:

Audley Shaw-Finance and Planning

Minister of State- Aubyn Hill- Fiscal Discipline

Fayval Williams-  Minister without Portfolio, Office of the Prime Minister with responsibility for Economic Growth

Minister without Portfolio, Office of the PM – Kamina Johnson w/responsibility for Information 

Minister without Portfolio, Office of the PM – Darly Vaz/responsibility for Telecommunications  Continue reading “JLP New Cabinet”

Nesbeth, A Prince David of Reggae


New York, USA (Shuzzr): Finding a David amongst a slew of Goliath in Reggae and Dancehall is no easy feat. However, there are many artist out there who haven’t been able to garner the well much spotlight to which their musical repertoire deserves.

In a rapidly changing Jamaican culture where Reggae and Dancehall echoes the reality of the Jamaican lifestyle. Many are forced to adjust or change and very few reggae songs that have managed to emerged onto the mainstream market isn’t at its core authentic Jamaican Reggae music. Continue reading “Nesbeth, A Prince David of Reggae”