Video Feature: Skeng Elvis Presley (Official Music Video)

Dancehall Rock & Roll Star, Skeng, releases new video and single.

Since the release of his EP ‘Beast of the Era’ last year, to much fanfare in Kingston, Jamaica, Skeng has been out of the public eye. The EP, released after an eventful year for fast-rising talent, failed to secure acclaimed chart placement in its initial debut. Despite criticism, the 6-track EP was a refreshing breath into an evolving genre as younger talents explore sounds and blend more popular genres.

Skeng and his management outfit recently announced an upcoming tour in partnership with BRT Weekend stakeholders, who execute one of the largest Caribbean festivals in the United States.

As the artiste gets ready for his next venture, with hopes of capitalizing on the American DSP purchasing and streaming power, Skeng’s latest video and single titled ‘Elvis Presley’ lays the foundation.

With many sectors in Jamaica and the Caribbean last year expressing concerns with the artiste’s lyrics, the artiste platform, as with culture’s history, is a snapshot of today’s youth and their social proclivities.

While many may doubt his relevance and longevity, Skeng’s artistry is morphing.

Watch the Video Below:


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