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Mavado ‘Pain’ raises the stakes for his highly anticipated album.


Sticking to the genre’s core, Mavado’s latest single is a reflective ode capturing an era of what could be argued to be his past life in the streets of Jamaica. As dancehall music lovers globally anticipate Mavado’s next album, his fans were comforted with his latest single.

Just another collaboration amongst many since his last album in 2009, the track featured Dexta Daps and Jay-A. The reflective musical ode, which speaks to themes such as Poverty, Crime, Overcome, and Faith, captures a time the artiste and many other disenfranchised youths know too well.

Pain arguably might be the lead track off his highly anticipated album slated for release in 2023. In the single, Mavado boldly and reflectively addresses several issues.

From his longevity to overcoming treacherous streets and rising to the top of the apex. Mavado reminds his naysays and enemies that his pain though lingering, doesn’t weaken him. Instead, he stands tried and tested, and his life is more than a coincidence but one of faith, fate, resilience, and craftsmanship.

Dexta Daps, whose sultry tone balances out the melodies, add balance to the arguably heavy track. The collaboration perfectly aids with a reintroduction for Mavado, given his lingering absence and the introduction of Jay-A to the main stage.

Mavado’s last album Mr. Brooks…A Better Tomorrow, released in 2009, is the artiste’s last project. Since then, he has released several collaborations with various acts. In a streaming era, Mavado averages thousands of monthly listeners, competing and rivaling younger acts in the genre.


Watch & Listen Pain by Mavada, Dexta Daps & Jay-A.


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