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Neashard born Havard Frazer came from the old gritty former capital of Jamaica, Spanish Town. Born into a lower income household Neashard’s parents were constantly in search of a better way of life. This search made the Frazers make the tough decision of leaving a place they called home for many years to embark upon a life in the United States of America, New York being the final destination.

New York was a big culture shock to Neashard in many ways as everything was new, life was different in many ways only one thing was constant, his love for music. Neashard fell more and more in love with music while listening to the reggae music that his father played on a daily basis. He was hypnotized by the voices of the great Bob Marley, Dennis Brown Beresford Hammond and Cocoa Tea to name few.
Exposed to New York radio he started listening and began to be heavily influenced by the soulful singers like R-Kelly, Baby Face and the legend Michael Jackson in his teenage years. Torn between listening to Reggae because of his Jamaican roots and listening to R&B that was heavily rotated on radio at the time he was now caught between the best of both worlds…R&B and Reggae….

There was nothing Neashard loved more than to find a quiet place where he could be alone so that he could sing and write poetry and so he went through the rest of his junior high and high school years without anyone knowing his passion or this hiddenn talent. He felt that he should not share this gift until he had perfected his skills and solidify his artistic image therefore dedicating himself to his music, and worked on his unique blend of R&B and Reggae…

By the time Neashard graduated from high school he was more confident in himself as an artist and began to perform and share his talent with others doing songs and shows with some of his peers in a group called NLK the ” Nah Laugh Krew ” on the underground reggae/dancehall circuit in New York City. People began praise him for his raw talent and unique sound, because while being in a dancehall group Neashard sounded like an R&B singer. This made him work even harder and made him more dedicated to his craft.

Currently Neashard is continuing to write, record, and perform his music. He and others feel that his time has come, and that it’s time for his career in the music industry to take off and his undying passion for music will not let him fail in his quest to become a well known, rounded and respected artist.

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