May 18, 2013 Shuzzr

NEW YORK, USA (Shuzzr & Mpr Consulting): His rose to fame was sided by controversy; Dancehall upcoming artiste Stamma Gramma has recently release a video for his hit single “Scammer Anthem”. The video premiered today on and has already received thousands of views as the artiste entertainingly ratify the widely spread act which has been endorsed, undertaken and popularized by many Jamaicans .

The Lottery Scamming which has been receiving international spotlight in recent times has been a concern of the Jamaican Government to which they have passed a New Bill Intended to Curb Jamaica Lottery Scams. In recent times, members of the United States Government/Senate have scolded the Jamaican Government in their response to tackle the widely spread phone scam.

The video was produced and directed by Gesta Music Records, “The song was made for entertainment purposes only. It was not meant to stimulate people’s mind for scamming,if it does, i cant be held responsible, i cant control one’s actions. It contains subliminal messages that makes the public aware that scamming exists at its peak and even giving hints on how it is done. Furthermore if Babylon waaa scrutinize me fi scamming song, them affi help the youths fuss, cuz me as an artist is just the public speaker, im only a reflection of what happens in society through my lyrical content. If them did a help poor people, them wouldn’t have to resort to such activity and i wouldn’t be inspired to sing such a song. Ignorant people will be offended, people who possess a sense of humor wont! states Stamma Gramma.

In February 2013, Stamma Gramma controversial story exploded over the Internet and made the lead entertainment news in Jamaica. The artist was accused by dancehall star Tommy Lee of being a ‘stalker fan’. Tommy Lee and his team went on to defame Stamma Gramma on social media sites. This allegedly stems from a business deal gone bad, but Stamma Gramma stood his ground, gave his side of the story. took his grievance out by voicing a song and moved on. “Its just funny cuz I wloud’nt even reply to him if he disses me now, cuz I don’t war with cartoon character, bout him name Captain Sparta! Why would I war with him?, its impossible to send animation go docta!” says Stamma Gramma. Music is Stamma’s first priority and he did not let this episode deter him from his goal. The artiste who is now signed to 5 Star Recording Inc but details are concealed due to privacy, 5 Star will from now on be Stamma Gramma’s booking representative, management team and home studio. see 5 Star Page  for more info

Out of ashes a phoenix shall rise and that is the mind thought of Stamma Gramma has he takes his hit single “Scammer Anthem” to the screen.

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