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NEW YORK, USA: Since their explosion on the scene with mega hit “Bend Over”, they instantly followed with more hits such as “Dance”, “Everybody Dance”, “Daggering” and summer party anthem “Summer Slap Weh” amongst others.
RDX has always gone beyond the call of their musical duties to not just deliver music but also entertain. As such, they have been reeking havoc since last year, just releasing a slew of hits. JUMP which became RDX’s 6th chart topping single and has acquired over 4 million views on YouTube and has remained steady on international charts since. Singles such as ‘KOTCH’, ‘BROAD OUT’, SUMMER DAYS, ‘SER LIBRE’, ‘WATERFALLS’, ‘SHINING STAR’ amongst others has been demolishing charts worldwide and just creating a musical storm. 
The success of the singles is unmatched and it’s impact on dancehall supporters and lovers worldwide has been devastating causing them to just fall back in love with one of the true essence of Dancehall, which is dancing. 
Since releasing their single KOTCH, a Cashflow Production which was subjected to accusations of artistic theft and plagiarism it has risen beyond those meager speculations and is now exploding worldwide since the release of their “Kotch” viral video.
The partnership of RDX and Cashflow only results in musical hits. As such, they have done it once again with another release titled ‘DROP’.
It’s s no surprise that Jamaicans or dancehall music lovers worldwide gravitates towards RDX artistry especially the ladies as the duo ensures that their music has the ladies busy doing all kinda theatrics and once they are satisfied, the men supporters of dancehall music are pleased indirectly. Striking a balance in the music industry is the groups aim as their focus on females and party anthems helps to keeps dancehall alive.  
Despite criticism however, RDX will forever remain on the lips of Jamaicans and international audience alike, as their creativity, ingenuity and resilience speaks volume. Skeptics in dancehall thought they would be a one hit wonder and many critics remain puzzled by RDX constant success.
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