Breaking News! RDX Seeks Legal Redress For Malicious Statements


NEW YORK, USA (Shuzzr PR) – Over the past few months a group of unscrupulous individuals and entities have publicly tried to bring the character of RDX and its team into disrepute. Whilst these individuals have never approached us directly with accusations, they took to various media outlets in an effort to defame our character.

RDX and its team would like to make it unequivocally clear that the conception and development of our single(s) was in no way influenced by the accuser(s) or their product. In fact, We had not even heard of any of these persons prior to these accusations. Our writing is influenced by our own God-given talent, the experiences the team has garnered over the years and the fans to whom we always listen.

RDX versatility speaks volumes, as we have seen the constant successes and accomplishments being attained. We have held ourselves to high standards in this music industry and even encouraged our peers, those who aspire to become artistes themselves or otherwise, to do just the same.

These accusations are baseless. We wish to make it clear that we will not be fueling these underhanded tactics by any unknown artiste and/or label attempting to gain some form of popularity or exposure at our expense. Please be advised & warned that our legal team has been instructed to take the necessary actions against the individuals/entities making various malicious and defamatory statements against the group and its team by extension.

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