March 30, 2014 Shuzzr

Dancehall Review, pt5.  

Referred to as the “the things me love artiste, Alkaline, is undoubtedly the most popular, relevant and prolific figure in the Dancehall Industry currently.

The industry which has had its setbacks with Busy Signal, Buju Banton and Vybz Kartels arrest and conviction has placed an enormous strain on the few noticeable/relevant entertainers, groups(s) and or duo who were charged with the responsibility of keeping the dynamic ever changing culture not just relevant and viable but a means for Jamaicans and music lovers to be able to identify with. 

The artiste who has been able to not just continue in the path of incarcerated dancehall superstar and proclaimed Wurl Boss, “Vybz Kartel”. Has managed to bring his own uniqueness and eclectic mix of personality, talent, gimmickry and outlook.
His controversial, bold stance depicting what’s happening in the dancehall culture has sent tongues lashing. The young witty Alkaline, has brought hidden truths to the forefront, shed light on taboo practices which are unspoken-ly popular and paved the way for a new era in dancehall where nothing is left untouched or undone be it privately or publicly.

Though his actions have led to other aspiring talents such as J Amsterdam, Rickey Cartey and even more popular act such as Demarco to help shatter the hypocrisy in dancehall. It’s evident with the increase release of videos portraying the nation’s youth engaging and enjoying in taboo practices that dancehall is indeed a mirror of society and has changed despite what the longstanding veterans may choose to believe or accept.

While one can comfortably say “kudos” to the artiste, in the same breath an advice of caution must be issued. Controversy though relevant it is to popularity, your artistic talent and skill must be owned and adhere to. Growing a career in controversy places much strain not just on talent but the individual and what’s expected of him from the media, society and peers.  It may reap success at first but in the end may be the same tool that places not just a halt but demolishes all that was achieved e.g “The Life & Legacy of Vybz Kartel – A conspiracy between Media, Music & Politics. 

“I am not hear to seek acceptance from everybody because at the end of the day I am human and I have feelings too,” Alkaline said during an interview with Nightly Fix.
“A lot of artistes like to say a lot of negative things about me so it’s just another thing,” Alkaline said further.

I will end with a popular Jamaican proverb which states “The same knife that stick sheep stick goat”.

Alkaline Though Art Weighed & Though Art Found Wanting.  


The following was an excerpt from the Journal of Shuzzr,
“The Writing On The Wall”

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