October 6, 2014 Shuzzr

Spanner EP Cover

New York, USA (Shuzzr) – International Reggae Singer, Spanner Banner, who got his first hit single at the age of 19 has managed to remain not just controversial but musically relevant throughout the years. The “Life Goes On” artiste, who has always been firm in his religious beliefs has throughout the years strived to live an exemplary life.

Despite several struggles the artiste has remained firm in demonstrating that he practices what he preaches irrespective of the struggles and the warfare, life goes on. As such, Banner, has made a bold step and decided that he is going to do his best to get closer to his God. The artiste who has admitted that he’s been going through a lot has found the strength needed by dedicating his life to serve the ultimate master. After fourteen years of growing his locks he has decided to cut it off, and share not just his testimony but his struggles.

Spanner Banner states ” With my faith being tested for so many years, and my recent car accident, plus when I realized I could have lost my wife when she collapsed, I had to turn to the Almighty for guidance because I know that the Lord works in mysterious ways and only him can protect and deliver me from choosing to render Evil for Evil because dem nah stop an a God over Devil mi sey because the Devil is a defeated foe “.

Known to be a man of few words, he has decided to speak out and share his past ordeals and highlight his continuous blessings. The artiste is still recovering emotionally and spiritually from his car accident which took place over a month ago in the USA, three days before the release of his EP.
Banner’s six track EP with songs such as “Never Give Up”, “Happiness is Coming” and “Love is A Champion” was released on August 19th by On Point Records and is distributed by VP Records ,VPAL.

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