Will the Cheerleader Artist, OMI, get the Grammy Nod?

December 3, 2015
December 3, 2015 Shuzzr


Will the Cheerleader Artist, OMI, get the Grammy Nod?

International Recording Artist, Omi, did what most Jamaican artist only dreamed about doing this year, and that is, topping the acclaimed Billboard charts. The Recording Academy recently concluded its yearly screening process for selecting the top acts in over 83 categories in 30 different fields. Though nominations won’t be announced till early December, music critics may start to wonder if the Jamaican act who tireless pushed his “old single” may have earned a placed within the top four top categories namely “Record of the Year”, and “Song of the Year”.

The song which was originally released in previous years, got heavy rotation from arguably Jamaica’s number music station, ZIP 103FM. Since then, the single has steadily climbed topping charts across Europe earning various certifications from music watchers and remixes that has helped to propel it to being a dominant player in North America market this past year.

However, in a recent article published in the in infamous publication, The Rolling Stone, titled “Cheerleader guy can’t catch island pop lighting in a bottle twice”(October, 2015) the author in essence states that the artiste LP demonstrates that he isn’t ready for primetime, giving it a failing/average grade on their ratings chart.

Though the artiste single managed to top the billboard chart for six consecutive weeks, An article published in the Associate Press on March, 2015 titled “Jamaica Moving to Reclaim Global Dominance in Reggae” states for decades, the sound of Jamaica has been reggae, the infectious, uniquely syncopated music that transformed the small Caribbean island into a cultural powerhouse.” yet a few list Jamaican artist have been able to cop a Grammy Award.

Media Personality and Disc-Jock, ZJ Sparks, states while the song has done tremendously well worldwide earning and or copping a Grammy award or nomination isn’t an easy fete as it bowls down to those who are eligible to vote, who actually votes, who’s on the panel and even if the song was even submitted to even be considered. While the ZJ says he stands a fair chance of being nominated and even eventually winning, history have shown us otherwise.

While music lovers and critics impatiently wait to see who will cop a nomination at the next staging of the Grammy Awards. Base on the tracks success internationally, those who are eligible to vote in the Grammy nominations selection process and history. It’s fair to say OMI, that “Thou art weighed and found wanting”



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