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New York, USA (Shuzzr): Finding a David amongst a slew of Goliath in Reggae and Dancehall is no easy feat. However, there are many artist out there who haven’t been able to garner the well much spotlight to which their musical repertoire deserves.

In a rapidly changing Jamaican culture where Reggae and Dancehall echoes the reality of the Jamaican lifestyle. Many are forced to adjust or change and very few reggae songs that have managed to emerged onto the mainstream market isn’t at its core authentic Jamaican Reggae music.

Arguably one the most underrated acts in the musical landscape, Nesbeth, have consistently chant Rastafarian-ism whist producing conscious reggae scripts worthy of any musical accolades experts and or critics may deem fit. The artist catalog is filled with compositions tantamount to scriptures written by David the King of Psalms. Though he hasn’t been offered the respect or credit deserved over the years. His latest single, My Dream, has once again brought the spotlight back on the artist who consistently executes melodies, harmonies edged with prophetic lyrics and inspiration.

Martin Luther King once said, “Music is a discipline and a mistress of order and good manners; she makes the people milder and gentler, more moral and more reasonable”. King in his profound wisdom knew the value of music and its artists like these whose composition epitomize King’s Statement.

The single to which all can relate, evokes vivid emotions, reflective, inspirational, and humane single that balances reality with aspirations whilst showcasing how one can grow despite the statistical footprints we’re placed in. Thus elevating to a place where one can appreciate the simplicities of life, learning to forgive, love remaining steadfast in optimism – a musical autobiography, a masterpiece!

As the Jamaican society continues to grapple with varying social ills. Its messages like these that can help to cultivate a culture that will help reposition a people to be better than what they currently are. Former Prime Minister Bruce Golding said “We believe that we are too rich to be so poor, too gifted to be so restricted, too blessed to be so stressed and too anointed to be so disappointed. Yes, we can make it but we must be clear as to what our goals, are and the steps we must take to achieve them.” It’s in rare truths like these found on the political campaign trail that underscores, our founding fathers legacy.

Many have over the years lost their way in pursuit of fame and fortune but the same can’t be said about you. You have remain steadfast and strong, continuously chanting your Rastafarian ideology to the multitudes. It’s a culture/religion like this that have undeniably proven valuable to what it truly means to be human, to be Jamaican.

All Hail Nesbeth, Prince David of Reggae.

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