Tifa & DJ Kurt Riley Releases latest single One Chance, One Dance


New York, USA (Shuzzr PR) – If there was ever a Jamaican female act that has remain consistent throughout the years it’s the island native princess, TIFA. The artiste who is constantly dominating the airwaves, securing and executing huge sponsorship deals with local and international brands, remains humble and resolute in her endeavors.

Fresh off her Top Class Tour, and now back in Jamaica for some sunshine, fulfilling sponsorship obligations. TIFA and DJ Kurt Riley is embarking on an extensive media campaign for their latest collaboration One Chance, One Dance.

The artiste who is featured in the Jamaica Star today and was on Fame 95, Full House Friday also had popular dancer and youth extraordinaire, Schoy Stewart, bringing energy and entertainment that the radio segment is known for.

In a release about the new single and working with DJ Kurt Riley, Tifa states ‘He knows music! I know music! So, it’s always great working with him in studio! He’s meticulous and a perfectionist though. Let’s just say this song is almost 2 years in the making! It’s worth the wait’, said Tifa.

Tifa’s Top Class Tour which spanned cities such as Belleville, Pickering, Quebec, Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg across Canada garnered huge success. The artist states ‘I’ve developed a new fan base, and there were a couple of territories like Belleville and Winnipeg that were a first for me, and I was the first Jamaican female dancehall artiste to perform in those areas’.

TIFA who has no plans to slow down this year will embark on a small USA tour and also several stops in Europe & Africa this summer.

To download a promotional copy, click the image below.


2 thoughts on “Tifa & DJ Kurt Riley Releases latest single One Chance, One Dance

  1. Good for them. Not a huge Tiffa fan really. I have a lot of respect for both though. Love DJ Kurt Riley’s work. Please send me an email so we can speak further.

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