Quaiboss takes over the world

April 27, 2019
April 27, 2019 Shuzzr


New York, New York (Shuzzr): Dancehall artist, Quaiboss, has been steadily generating traction in the entertainment fraternity. The artist who continues to release singles which denotes an emerging sub-genre titled ‘dancehall trap music’ has been rapidly expanding his fan-base, catalog and making appearance on the events scene in Jamaica.

Known for singles such as ‘Boasy’, ‘Handsome Badness’, ‘Kool Aid’ amongst others, Narkoz, has managed to demonstrate their worth over the past few years. The singles which are available on all major streaming platforms have generated huge traction.

Quaiboss latest release titled “Take Over the World” captures the cartoon era of the 90s and early 2000’s with a dancehall twist. The song uses popular cartoon characters as references in the usual dancehall narrative but it’s the artist witty style and his trap music infusion that makes it not just comical but socially relevant and artistic.

From performing at events such as Chug It, one of Jamaica’s top event series, the artist will embark on a Canadian tour this August but is listed to perform at Kool Breeze in July. Over the years, reggae-dancehall music has evolved equally to how it has influenced other genres across the world.

It’s evident in Quaiboss music not to mention when he collaborates with Chance Narkoz under the moniker ‘Narkoz’. Both Quaiboss and Chance Narkoz are independently uniquely talented not just when they join forces.

‘Take over the world” is produced by Trap Culture Music and is available on all digital platforms through distribution service namely Zojak Worldwide. The video for the single will be released on Wednesday, May 1st, 2019.

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