TIFA Gets Boasy with New Single

FLORIDA, USA (Shuzzr): The reigning reggae-dancehall Princess, Tifa, who has been continuously making strides within the musical landscape and who recently signed an endorsement deal with Cover Girl Jamaica, has no plans to retire from the musical landscape despite several efforts.

Since 2019, the artiste has partnered with several producers such as Lando Genius, Vexx Bad records, Jr Bloodline amongst many others to release nine singles which have garnered huge traction. The artiste has also been in Californa engaging in writing sessions for several international acts for projects to be released at a later date.

Tifa’s latest single Boasty which has been garnering huge social media buzz is produced by Thompson House Music on the Foreva Summer Riddim will be available on all digital outlets on July 12.

Tifa states “I’m still here and enjoying life to the fullest. The single has many punch lines and when you listen, you will see that lyrically I stand ahead of many and can rival even my male counterparts.”

The artiste referenced tracks from her latest album Curry Goat and Champagne and stated ” People need to listen songs like ‘Im the Man’ and ‘Retirement’ I am a lyricist and my pen game is to be rivaled.”

She continues to be thankful that after decades in the business she is still able to produce singles that her fans can appreciate and allow her to be continuously booked and busy throughout the year.

Tifa who recently performed to a packed venue in New Port Richey, FL is geared up for a busy summer schedule with a slew of projects to release.



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