Narkoz Dubbed as Kingston’s Most Deadly Musical Act (Video + Single)

New York, NY (Shuzzr) – Known for their “dancehall trap” style of music which has been garnering huge traction throughout the music community, Narkoz, has once again demonstrated why they are at the forefront of this sub-genre of dancehall.

With songs such as ‘Take over the world’, ‘White Teez’, ‘Booasy’ which has amassed approximately two million views on Youtube combined. Narkoz over the weekend released another single titled ‘Cheddar’ with accompanied video which only further adds to their musical arsenal, demonstrating their creativity and relativity.

The video which demonstrates the notorious drug trade between Haiti and Jamaica, is artistically done to demonstrate the struggle of every ghetto youth who is shackled by poverty. Though it may be somewhat controversial, Narkoz, is standing by their artistic freedom as they reflect the Jamaican society and that of others.It is evident that, when Quaiboss and Chancelawd collaborate under the moniker “Narkoz” that it is a musical goldmine.

Both artiste who recently performed at Camperdown High school with Stylo G and others was also guest recently on Jamaica’s #1 entertainment programme, OnStage. Cheddar single was produced by Trap Music culture and video directed by Rocket Vision.

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