March 24, 2020 Shuzzr

In a recent report which was published by the Global Health Security Index, it list Jamaica at 147/195 with an index score of 29.0 ranking way below and ill prepared to handle outbreak or global pandemic. According to the website, it states that “the index is a comprehensive assessment and benchmarking of health security and related capabilities across the 195 countries”.

It further states, that the world will continue to face outbreaks that most countries are ill positioned to combat. In addition to climate change and urbanization, international mass displacement and migration—now happening in nearly every corner of the world—create ideal conditions for the emergence and spread of pathogens. Countries also face an increased potential threat of accidental or deliberate release of a deadly engineered pathogen, which could cause even greater harm than a naturally occurring pandemic”.

Jamaica stood behind several other Caribbean island such as Haiti, Guyana, Barbados and others. The index which assess the country from six objective standpoints, show that Jamaica fell below average amongst other countries in 5 of the 6 categories and above average in the risk assessment of the survey.

These risks took into consideration political & security risk, socio-economic, infrastructure, environmental and public health vulnerabilities.

With the current response by the Jamaican Government to combat COVID-19 many argue that the administration isn’t being transparent. Questions surrounding when the virus was identified or suspected to have made it way to our shore? Does the current case reflect a true representation of the possible infected and is a wide scale testing program being done? Is the social distancing policy effective given youths are still in the streets ok corners? Wouldn’t a nationwide curfew be more effective and necessary?

Isn’t this a right moment to attack crime which we have been suffering from? As we curfew the nation and quarantine the infected search from guns and gangs?

If the global index report on health security of nation is accurate, then this means Jamaica is worst off to combat this virus that has now made its way to our shores.

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