Alkaline ‘Nah Fi Like’ No. 1 in Jamaica

April 30, 2020
April 30, 2020 Shuzzr

Kingston, Jamaica – April 30, 2020 (Shuzzr): Despite the debates about streaming numbers, relevance and dominance. To date, undoubtedly, Alkaline is and remains the only Jamaican artiste in the last decade to consistently embody all three. Since his debut, Alkaline has continuously delivered hits, rival his peers and raised the bar.

His latest single ‘Nah Fi Like’ which has been trending #1 in Jamaica on YouTube for almost 2 weeks purely organic, has garnered over 1 million views on Alkaline Vevo channel and speaks to his dominance and relevance. The single produced by Studio Vibes is just one of the few hits the artiste has amassed over his musical career.

The ‘New Level Unlocked’ artiste rise to fame has been confronted with opposition, doubt, betrayal and criticism. However, just as how Moses a man of humble beginnings led the Israelites out of Egypt, from a Pharaoh who served a false god. The Vendetta Boss remains focused on defying the odds, as the Almighty guides his steps.

With a huge following outside Jamaica in markets that yield great benefits, Alkaline rival his peers yet again. With no gang affiliation, distribution deal, management contract or major label support attributed to his success. The Vendetta boss has paved the way for other acts to follow.

While the artiste style and lyrics remains cause for controversy in Jamaica, it has only made him a ‘counterculture icon’ amongst youths. Releases such as ‘Monopoly’, ‘Ocean Wave’, ‘Juggernaut’ and ‘Move Mountains’ are just few examples of his artistry yet again.

“Vendetta team is all about fun and entertainment while uplifting the generation” Alkaline states.

Producer for the hit single Studio Vibes adds, “working with the Vendetta boss again comes as no surprise. He is a talented youth on a journey to greatness and its humbling to witness and be a part of.’’

The single ‘Nah Fi Like’ is available on all streaming platforms and fans can expect a special surprise from Alkaline shortly.


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