Shuzzr talks w/Scott Spezzano from The Buzz Neighbors in Need (Audio Link Inside)

June 30, 2020
June 30, 2020 Shuzzr

Rochester, New York (Shuzzr): From a former intern working with Scott Spezzano and Sandy Waters on 98PXY to landing an amazing feature on Billboard Magazine, entertainment publicist Shuzzr has been breaking barriers and elevating the conversation around homophobia in dancehall/media throughout the Caribbean.

On the latest episode of The Buzz Neighbors in Need podcast which highlights various outreach efforts, Shuzzr speaks with Scott Spezzano about his ‘Pride in the Islands’ initiative while taking a walk down memory lane with his former boss.

The 10-15minute interview which kicks off with internationally acclaimed dancehall superstar Alkaline hit single ‘Nah Fi Like’ can be listened on sheds light on the publicist challenges and achievements but more importantly his recently launched ‘Pride in the Islands’ initiative. ‘Pride In The Islands’ initiative which seeks to raise funds of USD $100,000 in aid of supporting various activities across the Caribbean region via their GoFundMe account:

“Living in Rochester for almost 4 years, I was able to connect with people from not just the Caribbean but across the US and the world. It is a blending pot of culture and they all could share stories of some form of oppression, discrimination while living in their respective native communities. This shared pain lives within me and everyone. My initiative is just to help individuals from the Caribbean which I’m from and I hope you will join the movement to give back and effect change,“ Shuzzr states.

The ‘Pride in the Islands’ initiative will not only just support advocacy groups based in the Caribbean seeking to undertake activities which support minority groups but recognize and support talented individuals or creatives who fall within minority groups pursuing, fostering and effecting change in the Caribbean.


For more details visit:

Pride In the Islands GoFundMe: | IG/FB: @PrideInTheIslands

Shuzzr online:
IG/FB: @Shuzzr

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