Exclusive: Orlando based Rapper Moe talks Record deal, Tik Tok hit single, New Album + Video and more

August 5, 2020
August 5, 2020 Shuzzr

Orlando based Rapper Moe talks Record deal, Tik Tok hit single, New Album + Video and more

His style and creativity are unquestionable; however, he remains unknown and a mystery to many. In an exclusive interview, we speak with upcoming rapper Moe who hails from Orlando, Florida.

Moe whose given name is Deonte Moore, was born into a musical family. His dad and uncle who both are professional Disc Jocks can be credited for his initial love and passion for music, but it was a Lil Wayne concert which he attended in high school that intrigued him and peaked his curiosity for HipHop .

Though his first love was basketball which he pursued aggressively. It wasn’t after experiencing multiple injuries, disappointments and bottled up frustrations, which led him to pursue an outlet where he could just explore his creativity whilst unleashing that musical fire within.

His journey in the game started off just like most upcoming artiste, from freestyles to mixes and endless studio sessions all geared towards developing his craft. Just like every other act, Moe distinguishes himself through his intrinsic resilience to succeed.

With little digital imprint to date, Moe has been quietly making waves and attracting the right aura, positioning himself to not just be mainstream but edging his bars and cadence on the musical fabric of this generation and others to come.

Already a force to be reckoned with, his ‘Look Alive freestyle’ which was released over two years ago, arguably was the moment in which he demonstrated and defended his place in the HipHop/Rap landscape.

In 2018, he released a single titled “Why You Mad” with accompanied visuals where he addresses not just his present situation but prophesied about his musical future and the success to come. Less than two years later, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, his single “Outta There” became a viral hit on TikTok which attracted over a dozen record deals.

When it went viral on TikTok, everybody came about. I spoke to like 17 labels…. If you name it, they made an offer, but Epic came correct so,” he states.

Now signed to Epic Records, he currently has an EP on all music platform called ‘Rich Dreamin’ which has been generating huge traction and playlisting.

In an exclusive with us, the young rapper told us of his plans to release a video for the single ‘No Discussion’ which features NGS Mula of his EP Rich Dreamin’. The video was released on July 16TH. While fans have been clamoring for a music video for his single ‘Rich Dreamin’, unfortunately they will have to wait a bit longer as the shoot was delayed due to the rise in Covid19 cases in Florida.

“Shit been crazy bro, damn near impossible. Cuz everything you try to do the concerns is always if it’s too many people its covid; if you are in certain location, its covid so you gotta be smart in everything you do, you got to be creative in reason,” he stated when asked about the struggles of trying to execute during the ongoing pandemic.

Despite landing his hit single through TikTok viral moments, Moe is not concerned about feeding into the viral market as he just creates music and the fans do with as they please.

With an in-depth admiration for Grammy-awarding winning artiste J. Cole, Moe talks about how he tries to mirror his career off the iconic lyricist. He credits other acts such as Jay Z, Drake, Future, Rick Ross who he considers role models, and hopes someday soon he can get the opportunity to work with them. While not disclosing too much, he stated that he his almost done with his album which will be released soon.

Looking back on the musical process which led to the creation of ‘Outta There’ he shares with us this:

My producer, he had walked into the studio one night and was like bro, I got this crazy cadence. I do not know what you going to say or nothing, but I got it. What is it? We aint had no beat made, no lyrics, nothing and I was like what is it? I took it and ran with it and as I was writing the lyrics, he was made the beat. five minutes I went in the booth, freestyled it and got a hit.”

With an innate love for sports and music, Moe recently partnered with Aaron Addison Gordon, the Orlando Magic Basketball professional player who have been pursuing his own musical aspirations off the court.

The joint project between Moe and Aaron is titled ‘Pull Up’ which is produced by Ayo N Keys. The single which also has an accompany music video has garnered over a million views to date.

From performing at the NBA 2020 Halftime show at Amway Center, Moe has his eyes set on Rolling Loud Miami 2021.

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