RENIGAD States That RDX Split Was A PR Stunt.

July 19, 2023
July 19, 2023 Shuzzr

International acclaimed reggae-dancehall dynamic duo RDX, known for singles such as “Jump,” “Kotch,” “Dagger Dagger,” “Ride It,” “Bend Ova” and many other hits, has made an undeniable global impact on the genre. The duo, which has secured over 15 number-one hits, has faced several mishaps in recent years, namely, their split.
RDX Split, The Facts!
Renigad, one of the former members of the international dynamic duo RDX, has decided to clear the air surrounding the duo’s recent split. In an exclusive interview with “Nightly Fix,” which premiered on July 19th, 2023, at 2 pm, the former member revealed details behind the duo’s public split and ongoing media tit-for-tats amongst the former members.

These revelations came after Delomar was a guest recently on the “The Let’s Be Honest” podcast hosted by JaiiFrais where he spoke on RDX Split, his solo career, and offered advice for his former colleague Renigad.

The ‘Nightly Fix’ exclusive revealed in-depth details about the duo split and events unfolding afterward. Renigad states that the initial split was a publicity stunt orchestrated by the duo, but actions after the announcement made the stunt real. The now solo artiste also alleges that his former colleague and friend shared details with his girlfriend leading to the relationship ending, breaking bro-code.

“When someone outright betrays your trust, violates the three most valuable things, Family, Money, and Reputation, then goes one step further by attempting to assassinate your character, you have to stand up, be a man and defend your honor,” Renigad states.

Solo Career Success.
Since the split, Renigad has succeeded as a solo artiste. During the pandemic, his single ‘Block Party’ was trending, capturing truths about the local entertainment scene.

One of his latest singles, “NY NY,” has been making waves on the local circuit. The single, which captures the core elements of his former group’s sound, speaks to his influence on the group’s impact. Other singles such as ‘Survivor,’ ‘Sidung,’ ‘Twerk,’ Swing It’ have been amassing views across various digital service providers.

Renigad notes that he recently collaborated with the number one dancehall artiste in Chile, El Sharkie, on a single titled ‘Wild’ slated for release on July 28th, 2023, with accompanied visuals and produced by DJ One Shot from Europe.

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