4 thoughts on “Contact Us.

  1. Greetings Rickardo

    I am an entertainment and technology attorney (and former litigator), as well as a film and music producer and roots reggae evangelist.

    I too have had dealings with JWonder – and I know a massive number of folks who have dealt with this stump from back in the Hood. Your piece was spectacular and, you are right, you actually went nice on him. Johnny is far far worse.

    While I have already made the mistake of angering Johnny and calling him out as a tinhorn Mr. Hilton (from Harder They Come) – and while others have cautioned me to stay away from Johnny as both petty and dangerous – I am unable to resist here.

    If you are threatened in any way by Hapilos or Johnny personally with a lawsuit – or otherwise – I would be glad to help out as a lawyer in some fashion. If for any reason that obnoxious loser dares to sue you or threatens to sue – I would be more than happy to represent you guys for nothing. Given my various clients and projects, I am not able to offer hundreds or even dozens of hours, but enough to do a couple prime letters telling Johnny why he has no claim for libel (his reputation is already that damaged) – and taking or defending any depositions in case he and Hapilos really do sue. To be honest, taking Johnny Wonder’s deposition – on videotape for sure – would be a great pleasure for me, you and anyone who got to see that videotape.

    So, again, well done Rickardo. You said what we all have been thinking for ages. Let’s completely out, shame and marginalize this cancer on the reggae/dancehall scene if at all possible.

    Andrew Herz, Esq.

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