RDX Releases New Single and Video “Badman Signal”

Kingston, Jamaica (Shuzzr & Mpr Consulting) – Known for making the ladies doing extreme theatrical dance moves, RDX has never been shy in expressing their views or voicing their discontent. The group has recently released a single and video titled “Badman Signal’ which in essence is mostly geared towards their male supporters and ladies who assimilate those male counterparts.

The single is a Sud Sound System Production on the 2013 Come Back Again Riddim and the video was edited by Top Floor. The song is a melodic dancehall single which in essence reflects and captures the so called typical Jamaican man and their inherent drive to proudly profess and declare their independence, as well as their ability to protect themselves, where they reside and the ones they love.

RDX states that the song isn’t aimed at anyone specifically or isn’t in support of violence, criminal activities or negative elements. While some may think that the song is glorification of thugs and/or criminal masterminds, it is indeed far from it. The song represents struggling youths in Jamaica that have been forced to become men at young tender ages, and as they seek to overcome a country that has been undergoing decades of economic hardship and bad stewardship.

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