RDX Releases New Single and Video “Badman Signal”

Kingston, Jamaica (Shuzzr & Mpr Consulting) – Known for making the ladies doing extreme theatrical dance moves, RDX has never been shy in expressing their views or voicing their discontent. The group has recently released a single and video titled “Badman Signal’ which in essence is mostly geared towards their male supporters and ladies who assimilate those male counterparts. Continue reading “RDX Releases New Single and Video “Badman Signal””

“BROAD OUT” Becomes RDX 7TH Chart Topper!

Kingston, Jamaica (Shuzzr & Mpr Consulting) – Undoubtedly the #1 Dancehall Group in the world, RDX has added another hit song to their top charting collection. Their single BROAD OUT is now their 7th #1 Chart Topper in Jamaica and has been in heavy rotation since its release. The premiere of the video has added more fuel and has now made it’s way to international charts. Continue reading ““BROAD OUT” Becomes RDX 7TH Chart Topper!”

RDX Rises Beyond Accusations To Make Another Hit-bound Single

Kingston, Jamaica (Shuzzr & Mpr Consulting) – Skeptics in dancehall thought they would be a one hit wonder and many critics remain puzzled by RDX constant success. Their latest hit single “KOTCH” was the subject of plagiarism and accusations of artistic theft, yet it has risen beyond those meager speculations and is now exploding worldwide since the release of their “Kotch” viral video. Continue reading “RDX Rises Beyond Accusations To Make Another Hit-bound Single”

Dancehall/Reggae Duo RDX Embarks on European Tour/Dancehall/Reggae Duo RDX S’embarque sur un Tour Européen

Kingston, Jamaica (Shuzzr & Mpr Consulting) – Still reeling from their “Favorite Local Music Video of 2012” win for the single “Jump” at The Youth View Awards in Jamaica, RDX are now getting ready to embark on a one month European tour.

RDX who is no stranger to the European scene will be blazing across several countries and promise to give their fans their well known high energy performance, slew of hits and infamous renowned dance moves. Continue reading “Dancehall/Reggae Duo RDX Embarks on European Tour/Dancehall/Reggae Duo RDX S’embarque sur un Tour Européen”

RDX Responds to “Steal Song Accusations”


Kingston, Jamaica (Shuzzr & Mpr Consulting) – In light of recent accusations made by a recording artiste and its label which led to an article being published in the Jamaica Star on Monday, January 15th, 2013. I Shuzzr, publicist for the duo RDX felt if necessary to comment on the issue formally on behalf of the duo. Continue reading “RDX Responds to “Steal Song Accusations””

RDX Shows Who’s Boss In “Mad Boss” Music Video


Kingston, JA (Mpr & Shuzzr Consulting) – Its almost the end of 2012 but Dynamic Duo RDX isn’t holding back, from the beginning of the year they had decided that they would be #1 and that’s just what they have remained. While most groups or duo tend to either separate or have little or no fame after a few years of being together, this duo have found the magic formula to remain together and on top. Continue reading “RDX Shows Who’s Boss In “Mad Boss” Music Video”

Dancehall Duo RDX Releases Testimonial “Shining Star”


JA, USA (Shuzzr & Mpr & Consulting): Despite what industry critics, those who aren’t fans and the politics that exist within the Dancehall Industry, Dynamic Duo RDX haven’t been daunted by the negativity or distractions. Instead it has only fueled the creativity and drive of the Shining Star that the group have become and will remain. Continue reading “Dancehall Duo RDX Releases Testimonial “Shining Star””