May 18, 2013 Shuzzr

Kingston, Jamaica (Shuzzr & Mpr Consulting) – Skeptics in dancehall thought they would be a one hit wonder and many critics remain puzzled by RDX constant success. Their latest hit single “KOTCH” was the subject of plagiarism and accusations of artistic theft, yet it has risen beyond those meager speculations and is now exploding worldwide since the release of their “Kotch” viral video.

Though their artistry was brought into question, the duo managed to rise beyond the naysayers by staying true to their indigenous style and techniques. The viral video garnered over 50,000 collective views in four days since it’s release and prove once again that RDX formula for hits is safe and secure in 2013.

Still reeling from their “Favorite Local Music Video of 2012” win for the single “Jump” at The Youth View Awards in Jamaica, and now on their European tour, their publicist Shuzzr states “it’s no surprise that Jamaicans gravitates towards RDX artistry especially the ladies as the duo ensures that their music has the ladies busy doing all kinda theatrics and once the ladies audience is satisfied the men supporters of dancehall music are pleased indirectly”. He laments further that “while the duo isn’t physically at many local events, we as team are working assiduously to please fans locally and internationally- Striking a balance. Despite criticism however, RDX will forever remain on the lips of Jamaicans and international audience alike, as their creativity; ingenuity and resilience speaks volume.”

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