Portia Simpson-Miller Clash With Gays in New York


“Excuse Me… Let Me Speak” – Simpson-Miller, PM

Just like any other visit, Prime Minister, Portia Simpson-Miller, who was in New York visiting reportedly had to end her speech early last night due to pressure from the local gay community. Continue reading “Portia Simpson-Miller Clash With Gays in New York”

Shuzzr Responds to Grammy Award Winning Artiste Shaggy


NEW YORK, USA (Shuzzr) – Based on the article published in the Jamaica Star on Monday March, 16 2015 and several other issues. I Shuzzr, would like to publicly make the following statement:

Its saddens me that Grammy Award winning artiste, Shaggy, would seek to use his platform to downplay, fib or make a mockery publicly on matters concerning Homosexuality, Human Rights, Discrimination & Torture faced by any group but more specifically his fellow Jamaican citizens. Jamaica has continued to demonstrate to the world its stance on homosexuality and has been labelled by TIME Magazine in 2004 as the “Most Homophobic country in the world.” Continue reading “Shuzzr Responds to Grammy Award Winning Artiste Shaggy”

We have a ‘black problem’

Recently, Joe Pinsker, assistant editor of The Atlantic, wrote an article about the financial consequences of saying ‘Black,’ vs ‘African American’. According to Pinkster, 100 years ago, ‘coloured’ was the typical way of referring to Americans of African descent. Then 20 years later, it was purposefully dropped to make way for ‘Negro’. Then by the late 1960s, that term was overtaken by ‘black’. And then, in 1988, Jesse Jackson, United States civil rights activist, declared that ‘African American’ was the term to embrace. That one was chosen because it echoed the labels of groups, such as ‘Italian Americans’ and ‘Irish Americans’, that had already been freed of widespread discrimination. Continue reading “We have a ‘black problem’”

Famous Records Signs Recording Artiste Symba Da Ninjah


New York, USA – A product of the United Kingdom and newly residing in New York ,Recording Artiste Symba Daninjah has just signed a record deal with Famous Records, Florida, USA.

This deal was struck not long after Symba released his most recent video “Go Down.” For this video, Symba decided to take his viewers/fans on an exotic visual trip. He flew from England to the Caribbean to film the exceptional music video. It has simplistic beauty, while it transports the western viewers mentally to the Caribbean. Continue reading “Famous Records Signs Recording Artiste Symba Da Ninjah”

Will Kranium Explode in 2015?


The following is an excerpt from the Journal of Shuzzr- Dancehall Review 2015.

It’s no secret that the world has lost confidence in Reggae & Dancehall music. In 2014, Dancehall gave the go ahead to an emerging voice, Kranium, who got his break into the music industry with the single “Nobody has to know”. The artiste track got huge traction internationally, and also garnered top recognition on the prestigious Billboard charts and others across the world. Continue reading “Will Kranium Explode in 2015?”

Dexta Daps For 2015?

dexta daps

The following is an excerpt from the Journal of Shuzzr- Dancehall Review.

The Reggae and Dancehall Industry is very much unpredictable and though we would at times expect a sense of decency and talent to prevail, quite contrary. We’ve seen the likes of Potential Kid, Gully Bop and others rise to the forefront, ahead of those who possess enormous talent. Im not here to question any artiste “artistry,” that I will leave to you.

Dubbed as the future of Contemporary Reggae Music, Dexta Daps, is making strides not just locally in Jamaica but internationally. The artiste who has managed to build quite an underground following internationally hasn’t been able to make it onto the airwaves as he should. Continue reading “Dexta Daps For 2015?”