Morgan Heritage Hits Number #1 with “Perfect Love Song”


U.S.A, JA (Shuzzr & Mpr Consulting) – Within a week from it’s release Morgan Heritage “Perfect Love Song” hit number #1 on the itunes Japan Reggae chart.

Although no artists like to be compared to another, Reggae’s Royalty Morgan Heritage have been referred as the “Rolling Stones” of Reggae music. Their longevity, their sold out arenas and festivals, and  their worldwide chart topping music make them a contender for the music hall of fame. Continue reading “Morgan Heritage Hits Number #1 with “Perfect Love Song””

Reggae Royalty “Morgan Heritage” Gives Music Fans The Perfect Love Song (Disponible en Français)


U.S.A, JA (Shuzzr & Mpr Consulting) – It is not by self imposed accolades that Morgan Heritage are referred to as Reggae Royalty, but rather from music lovers around the world who recognize their rich Reggae heritage and gift to Reggae music. Continue reading “Reggae Royalty “Morgan Heritage” Gives Music Fans The Perfect Love Song (Disponible en Français)”

Morgan Heritage’s Youngest Band Member Mojo Morgan Gets Signed To Krian Music Group For Solo Project


New York, NY (Mpr & Shuzzr Consulting) – Hailing from “Morgan Heritage” one of the biggest reggae bands in the world , Mojo Morgan is used to being in the spotlight, but it is from his personal and medical life that Mojo recently found himself thrust in the media. A·midst recording with his siblings on their latest album, the youngest band member was rushed to the hospital. A combination of personal stress and viral infection gave Mojo time for reflection while hospitalized, and in an ironic “Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life” his recent single “New Dawn” took an even deeper meaning. Continue reading “Morgan Heritage’s Youngest Band Member Mojo Morgan Gets Signed To Krian Music Group For Solo Project”

Gramps Morgan Releases New Album “Reggae Music Lives”

Atlanta, GA, April 23, 2012 With a mission to heal the world through music, Soul Train Award nominee, Gramps Morgan unleashes his second, solo, album Reggae Music Lives tomorrow (April 24th), independently, on his Dada Son Entertainment label. A musical therapy of sorts, Reggae Music Lives is filled with angelic harmonies, authentic compositions and a unique sound brand, Gramps calls “Rockaz”. Reggae Music Lives is more than Reggae; it’s world-beat, with a little bit of country, a taste of what Americans call rap-Jamaicans call it toasting; mix it with a hint of r ‘n’ b, a dash of blues synthesized with contemporary reggae that maintains the integrity of the original art form and you get a sense of the musical accents that help to make Reggae Music Lives complete. Continue reading “Gramps Morgan Releases New Album “Reggae Music Lives””

Gramps Morgan Introduces An Exclusive Caribbean Food Line “Gramps Farms”

New York, ATL, Jamaica (Mpr & Shuzzr PR Consulting) – Gramps Morgan introduces an exclusive Caribbean food line “Gramps Farms”

His vision was to not compromise quality for taste, and being a lover of food himself while being conscientious of health and the times that we live in, Gramps Morgan literally put his words where his mouth is!

Roy “Gramps” Morgan, a member of the Internationally renowned reggae group, Morgan Heritage, is now reveling in the success of his long foreseen solo career, including a Grammy for Production and Song Writing done on the Album titled Before the Dawn, as well as being a Soul Train Nominee for Best Reggae Artist of the year, winning Best Album of the year at the EMA Awards in Jamaica, as well as Album of the year in Canada, and Gramps also went on to win 3 Awards at the IRAMA including, song of the year. After doing extensive touring with India Arie, John legend and many more Artists, Gramps being passionate about helping others in need, he established his own charity GMOM (Gramps Music Orchestrating Miracles), to help bring relief to the needy in various parts of the world such as the Caribbean and Africa. Continue reading “Gramps Morgan Introduces An Exclusive Caribbean Food Line “Gramps Farms””