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dexta daps

The following is an excerpt from the Journal of Shuzzr- Dancehall Review.

The Reggae and Dancehall Industry is very much unpredictable and though we would at times expect a sense of decency and talent to prevail, quite contrary. We’ve seen the likes of Potential Kid, Gully Bop and others rise to the forefront, ahead of those who possess enormous talent. Im not here to question any artiste “artistry,” that I will leave to you.

Dubbed as the future of Contemporary Reggae Music, Dexta Daps, is making strides not just locally in Jamaica but internationally. The artiste who has managed to build quite an underground following internationally hasn’t been able to make it onto the airwaves as he should.

Dexta Daps latest single, 7eleven produced by Troyton Music has set the tone or standard of what we should expect of an artiste who aspire to crossover into markets outside of Jamaica. His international appeal makes him not just relatable or marketable but also a re-innovator for a genre of music that has lost its value on the international circuit.

His melodic tone and versatility brings a reggae/dancehall renaissance that’s needed in 2015. Though he has been compared to the likes of Grammy Award Winning Artiste Sean Paul, Maxi Priest and Serani. His distinct voice, youthfulness, cool, calm and collective persona has set him apart from those to whom he have been compared.

In 2014, the artiste collaborated with Dancehall Princess Tifa on a track titled “Jealous Ova” and also released singles such as “Morning Love” and “Dappa Don” amongst others. Since the start of this year he also released another single titled “Scared to Love” on the Reggae Island Riddim which features other acts such as Serani, Bugle, Khago and Deep Jahi. It’s undeniable that this artiste will definitely leave his imprint on 2015 and possibly years to come.

Will the Dexta Daps make it in 2015? Or will he just fade away behind the typical structure of hypocrisy that exist in the music industry and media? There is still much to be done in relations to the management, marketing and promotions of the aforementioned but,

The future isn’t written in stone Dexta Daps. Though Art Weighed & Though Art Found Wanting.  

The following was an excerpt from the Journal of Shuzzr, “The Writing on the Wall”




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