Devin Di Dakta ‘Politics’ tackles, Injustice, Systematic Oppression, and other issues plaguing Jamaica.

August 5, 2020
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August 5, 2020 Shuzzr

Devin Di Dakta ‘Politics’ tackles, Injustice, Systematic Oppression, and other issues plaguing Jamaica.

Manhattan, New York (Shuzzr) – Arguably the most socially conscious song with accompanied visuals released in 2020 by any act occupying the reggae-dancehall space, Grammy nominated recording artiste Devin Di Dakta latest single ‘Politics’ artistically and eloquently gives a scathing anthropological review of Jamaica and its people.

At a time when the island should be celebrating its emancipation and independence from colonialism, many Jamaican’s are now in arms with the nation’s highest court and its recent unprecedented ruling.  On the eve of the islands emancipation celebrations, the court stated that a Jamaica school is within its right to ban a student who expressed her identity through her hair (dreadlocks).

Though the issue brings the conversation of systematic oppression which has continuously plagued the island back to the forefront and stirred a national debate, it raises more questions than answers.

However, ‘Politics’ by Devin Di Dakta is more than social commentary as its scathing anthropological review of the government(s), politicians, private sector, musicians and other stakeholders inadvertently calls on Jamaicans to stand up and address the many injustice and double standards it faces.

A Story of Anthony Clarke who hails from Downton, Kingston on his quest to find employment is met with a very too often reality.

A musical roasting of its finest, the song which gives both sides of the issues in a very candid and vulnerable way, addresses the perception of ghettos, crime, politicians, government both past and present, celebrities, entertainment sector, injustice, unemployment and a variation of other political, social and economical issues.

Dakta litigates issues such as controversial land sales; gangs; corruption; rape; shootings; noise abatement act; fall out of tourism; Vybz Kartel trial; and political promises not met. He further talks about the travesty surrounding Coral Gardens and Bustamante, Hugh Shearer and Walter Rodney, Edward Seaga, Michael Manley, and many others.

At a time when the United States of America continues to address its own demons, one can deduce that Devin Di Dakata is calling on his fellow Jamaicans to speak up; speak out; and act.

Very rare we see dancehall in its truest form addressing the system head on, being the voice for or of its people and ‘Politics’ by Devin Di Dakta did just that.

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