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New York, USA – A product of the United Kingdom and newly residing in New York ,Recording Artiste Symba Daninjah has just signed a record deal with Famous Records, Florida, USA.

This deal was struck not long after Symba released his most recent video “Go Down.” For this video, Symba decided to take his viewers/fans on an exotic visual trip. He flew from England to the Caribbean to film the exceptional music video. It has simplistic beauty, while it transports the western viewers mentally to the Caribbean.

The scenery of this is amazing. It starts with the sunrise and ends at sunset. In between you are blessed with seeing the romantic beaches, exotic locations, the greenery and blossoming atmosphere. The video is a family friendly video with an arithmetic song that makes you want to dance; yet you are fascinated by the locations, colors and vibes of the Caribbean.

The pace of the video is quick, which leaves you feeling like you do not want to miss any of the sensational recordings.
The video is based on a story of a young man just catching a vibes near his home with his friend’s camera and suddenly this pretty young lady comes out the local shop passing by when the two catch each other’s eyes and get mesmerized..

The young lady gives a cute and flirtatious response to their encounter; and suddenly with courage the young man makes his move, as the feelings seem to be mutual. They speak, and the rest was history.

This is well constructed video with a story line most can relate to, act out by Chloe Dantes and Symba Daninjah. Produced by Blacklizard Lenz.

For bookings contact : Mr. Jeffrey Collins – famousrecords2015@gmail.com

Introducing Recording Artiste Symba Daninjah.

A native of St. Lucia, West Indies, Symba grew up in the community of Marchand, George Charles Boulevard. He has always had an intrinsic love for music as his hometown was highly popular for street parties and countless stage shows performed by musicians from many parts of the world. Symba was a very enthusiastic child intrigued by the stage shows, sound systems and music life which filled the entire island with enormous vibe and energy.

Symba began to write songs and poems ‘and began transferring them to music as music was one of the many subjects he studied at school. At this time, Symba looked upon music as just a hobby he had his focus more in playing football and athletics which enhanced his mental and physical level of discipline and commitment enforced to him as a child. Symba was then sent to the United Kingdom to live with family to further his education.

Having the love for football, he signed to a local team in Hackney Homerton called Eastgate, he was craving for more out of life and so he bought his first ever set of turntables slowly emerging onto the music scene as a part-time Disc Jockey playing at small venues in the London area.

Though his passion for music was obvious, he continued his educational endeavors at Hackney Community College. His love for playing music continued to evolve over the years giving him the opportunity to venture to other locations throughout London; settling in the Streatham area Symba made a huge impact in the music scene as a Disc Jockey, while secretly scripting his own lyrics, rhymes and vocal enhancements once again.

In 2006, Symba started recording his first demo songs at the well-known South London music studio Instant Melodies where he developed himself, and collaborated with other upcoming artistes as he evolved with the modern culture of the United Kingdom and its various genres of music which was new to him. Fascinated by those genres Symba managed to merge his past Caribbean style music with the many other genres playing on Europe airwaves and created such a unique style of music with British and West Indian influences.

Symba has solely managed to achieve a successful brand with the rise of social media allowing him to connect with the growing fans, producers, DJs across the world who have taken a liking to his unique masterpieces. The rest is now history! Symba Daninjah is on the rise and continues to be spotted by producers and record companies around the world who would like to work with him as there is great potential in his future career.

Symba is unique, original , has global aspects with a great future as he has shown to have the extra capability to sing in not just English/ Caribbean Patois but also in the French Creole language. The global rising star is now a key search on google as it shows the many links associated with the many countries which have already latched onto his success.

For more information:
SYMBA DANINJAH : akachina@hotmail.co.uk

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