Devin Di Dakta plans to enter politics.

August 17, 2020
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August 17, 2020 Shuzzr

Devin Di Dakta plans to enter politics.

As the political session gets heated and both parties release a slew of dubs from popular reggae-dancehall artiste seeking to energize their base, reggae-dancehall artiste Devin Di Dakta in an exclusive interview talked ‘Politics’ with us.

The Grammy nominated recording artiste who continues to dominate social circles, shared his inspiration behind his latest single ‘Politics’; his role and that of others as to why Jamaica is plagued with so much ongoing socioeconomic issues; addressing both the Prime Minister and Leader of Opposition; engaging in a lecture series speaking on the aforementioned issues and issuing a call to action to all stakeholders.

What inspired you to write Politics?

The inspiration for Politics came from an idea sent to me by a writer called “Theodore Hinds”. While reviewing the idea he sent, I was also on the internet reading the news and realized that most of what I was seeing was corruption in the parliament and everyone pointing fingers elsewhere. I then put pen to paper and the rest is what you’ve heard. By the way, i released the filtered version. lol

As a Jamaican yourself do you accept some of the blame and if so why?

Personally, I wouldn’t take any blame. But as a people, educating ourselves is the best way forward along with creating generational wealth.

Rehashing the past is often hard, do you think Jamaica is at a stage to address these lingering systemic issues?

The past cannot be undone but, moving forward with strategic action is the best way.

Would you want the opportunity to play this song for the Prime Minister his government and the leader of the opposition and his party and possible address them on the issues you raised?

I am sure if they will hear it if they haven’t already. And no, I wouldn’t want to play it for them because nothing I addressed in the song is new to anyone.

Would you consider speaking at a town hall hosted at the University of the West Indies and if so, what would be your platform?

No, I am not interested in public speaking. My actions towards bettering my country will definitely do all that for me.

How do you see this song furthering the call for change?

A song can do so much and no more. If the seat holders in the upper echelon of society don’t want a change, then my song is just words like every song before it.

What role do you play or see yourself playing in ensuring the future of Jamaica is bright?

I make music so empowering the people with my words is the main way. However, Different from music, I am working on some projects that will definitely give a helping hand.

With the current and past scandals surrounding both political parties, do you support either and do you call on Youth to become more active in politics and the process?

Yes I do have my party that I support and I will get into politics in the future. And YES I do encourage young people to get more involved and not just support a particular party because your parents raised you to, but do some research and support what you believe in.

What is the feedback like thus far arising from the single?

So far the feedback is great. Could be better, but i’m speaking facts so it will take a while to reach some people.

After such a scathing review, what message do you have for the Prime Minster & Leader of the Opposition?

What I would like to say to the PRime MInister and The LEader of the Opposition is, “JAMAICA IS DEPENDING ON YOU, PLEASE DON’T LET US DOWN”



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