Dexta Daps, The Contemporary King of Reggae-Dancehall Music

March 25, 2020
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March 25, 2020 Shuzzr

“As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend.” “A friend loveth at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.” -King Solomon

The modern day “Girls dem Sugar”, Dexta Daps, is undeniably Jamaica most balanced artiste who’s potential and influence will span his own years. Dexta’s contemporary catalog highly diversified is filled with ballads which depicts relationships between lovers often not in the traditional sense. The artiste also explores intersectionality of the typical Jamaican man exploring themes such as Sex, Love, Prosperity, Poverty, Friendship and Upliftment only speaks to his artistry which is unquestionable.

The Contemporary King of Reggae-Dancehall music, Dexta’s Daps journey which mirrors the struggles faced by many of Jamaica’s youth, even tell the same story as his peers, however, it’s his soothing voice, sex appeal, humility and penmanship which distinguishes him from the rest.

Dexta’s musical maturity didn’t just grew but his relationship and or command of females intertwined becoming the voice and by extension masculinity females not just fantasized about but desired. His sexual melodic tone sharing intimate experiences of the modern-day woman and her man was like the 50 Shades of Grey series but the Jamaican Musical Composition. His usage of vocal notes to sexually stimulate the minds of his audience is evident by his streaming numbers, pull factor and by his performance at Reggae Sumfest 2019.

The act who closed the highly coveted festival show effortlessly placed his talent on display for fans, critics and all to witness. It was here in the early hours of the morning as the sun dawned, Dexta’s talent erupted, uncontrollably yet in a high-class manner flawlessly executed and groundbreaking. It was here Dexta got crowned a king in his own right- a prince elevated.

His diversity played to his strength as with his huge female support, he equally commanded the respect and loyalty of young men alike. Song such as “Shabba Madda Pot”, gave the usually hardcore gun and violence lyrics more marketability as his penmanship and delivery out rivaled his peers. Musical metaphors that gave Guns n Roses hardcore, like a ride on a heroin high. Dexta’s songs were an orchestrated sexual musical exploring intimacy, playing to the devils deeds of the female mind but calling to arms soldiers in his plight.

An activist for the poor, a defender of youths and advocate for more, Dexta’s single “Im Blessed” captivates these very themes. His storytelling style of art through music, was iconic and carefully crafted over time. The perfect Jamaican rude bwoy, charged with his African wits and mulatto skin tone is loved by all of Jamaicans.

Our Jamaican Prince Harry, Our Mr Boombastic, Our Gurls dem Suga… Our Own Dexta, a humble youth from Seaview, a man of the people.


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