September 3, 2013 Shuzzr

NEW YORK, USA (Shuzzr PR): Ballaz Production recording artiste Terro 3000 recently released the video for his catchy single ‘Hot Gyal Fi Broad Out”. The video which was directed by Wade Rhoden & LoOkYah features sexy Jamaican female dancers performing various theatrics & acrobatic stunts to which the island ladies are known for.

The single which was produced by Ballaz Production has been garnering rotation on local and international airwaves and is poised to climb charts alike. The single which is on the Rio De Jamaica Riddim also features artiste such as RDX, Busy Signal, Aidonia, Wasp, Voicemail and more.

Rio De Jamaica is distributed by digital distributor giants 21st Hapilos who have revolutionized the entertainment industry through online distribution and has consistently delivered the hottest hits from the biggest and upcoming names in dancehall and reggae music.

About Terro 3000:

Terro 3000 (born Clifford Hall) has been in and around the music business since 2002 honing his craft and laying the foundation in order to maximize the longevity of his career. Throughout this period he has managed to record for many producer s and develop a fairly impressive catalog of songs including “In My Life” produced by Ballaz Production which featured a sample form the global hit song “I Want to Know What Love Is” by Foreigner.

Some of his other songs include “Touch” (Jump Off Riddim), “Tip Up Tip Up” (Mash Up Riddim), “Shake Ur Booty” (Sex Appeal Riddim), “Likkle and Neat” and “Born as a Gallis” on the Style and (Swagga Riddim), “Bi Ghood to Di Gyal Dem” (Gyal Segment Riddim), “Put Di Ting Deh” (Country Run Riddim), “Nuh Badmind Friend” (Shobizz Riddim) to name a few.

Terro’s effort on the Style and Swagga Riddim “Likkle and Neat” has managed to develop a following of teenagers in New York who formed and dance called the Bronx Wine and this is their song of choice to do their dance to, as witnessed on youtube. His efforts on the Country Run and Gyal Segment Riddims “Put Di Ting Deh” and Bi Ghood to Di Gyal Dem” have also managed to develop a following of their own in the US and Europe which can also be witnessed on youtube. All in all Terro has been feverishly setting his foundation in the hearts and minds of true Dancehall and Reggae lovers worldwide.

Now that the foundation is laid Terro is ready to build. He has taken on the moniker “Road Elf” as he realizes the importance of street promotion to his success. He is currently promoting his song “Hot Gyal Fi Broadout” (Rio de Jamaica Riddim) and his latest effort which is poised to be his next big hit “Real Friends” which features another sample from a global hit “That’s What Friends Are For” which was originally done by Dionne Warwick, Stevie Wonder and friends.

Terro has coined the term 3D music which he is now applying to all the new material he releases. The concept of 3D music is, music the people can hear, feel and also see what he is saying, in other words music that makes sense.

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