May 18, 2014 Shuzzr



So few weeks ago I wrote an article titled “The Devil of Dancehall Aide Gaza Slim Ask For Mercy” in which I placed her career, legal woes, past and possible future under scrutiny and into perspective.

The article which was inspired by her latest single “Mercy On Me Lord” received thousand of views on my website.

Since the article, the said mentioned artiste has produced a video for the song, not appealing whatsoever, and has also made an appearance on one of Jamaica’s most popular entertainment programme, On Stage.

The young artiste who seemly is now cognizant of the legal dilemma has rebranded herself and sought refugee in the church. Though her efforts maybe filled with good intensions, her reputation and credibility has already been tarnished given her entanglements legally and illegal with the Devil of Dancehall, Vybz Kartel.

I’m not seeking to add anymore harm or pain to those you have already inflicted yourself. I want you to be cognizant however of the perception of your peers. The same peers that will be selected for your trail as was with your former mentor.

It’s the same peer, more or less, that will be tasked to judge. Given the conviction of Vybz Kartel and the president set we can conclude how it will all end. The Jamaican audience especially those amongst the middle class aren’t forgiving as they ought to be.

Guilty! Are you ready to hear the verdict? That’s what you must prepare yourself for. Mercy has already been given and still is. The fact that we are all still alive despite or situations is testament to how merciful he his will continue to be despite our wicked ways.

Who am I to judge? Let’s leave that to a jury of your peers Gaza Slim- I think I’m amongst her peers though.

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