Are You the Belle of Your Ball?


“I always had hopes of being a big star. Then I looked… as you get older you aim a little lower. And I just say, ‘Well, yeah, you still might make an impression.’ Everyone wants to leave something behind them, some impression, some mark upon the world.

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Shuzzr Lands Internship At US Top Radio Broadcasting Company.

Jamaican born Entertainment Publicist & Social Media Personality, Rickardo Smith, more popularly known as Shuzzr has risen above the stigma within the local entertainment industry.

The publicist/personality who came to the forefront with the admission of his sexuality earlier this year has managed to secure an internship with Entercom Communications, Rochester division in New York.

Entercom is one of the largest radio broadcasting companies in the United States with over 100 stations under its portfolio.

Shuzzr will be an intern on Spezanno & Sandy’s Morning Show on 98PXY, Rochester’s #1 Hit Music Station. The young witty Shuzzr will make his debut on Friday May 30, 2014 from 5-10am. Continue reading “Shuzzr Lands Internship At US Top Radio Broadcasting Company.”

Gays vs. Queen Ifrica… “Not in my back yard”… Order In The Court!

20140524-174859-64139646.jpg Dubbed as the Reggae Homophobic Queen, Queen Ifrica, has never passed on an opportunity to voice her stance against homosexuality and at times allegedly insights violence against the said minority group whether implicitly or explicitly.

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Guilty! Gaza Slim Convicted Already.



So few weeks ago I wrote an article titled “The Devil of Dancehall Aide Gaza Slim Ask For Mercy” in which I placed her career, legal woes, past and possible future under scrutiny and into perspective.

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The Devil of Dancehall Aide Gaza Slim Ask For Mercy.


The following is an excerpt from the Journal of Shuzzr. Dancehall Review pt7.

Her rise to fame was on the heels of the alleged beating of Gaza Kim by Dancehalls Devil, Vybz Kartel, and his minions. Since the alleged incident, Gaza Kim, has severed ties with the former popular crew but has failed to maintain her presence within the musical landscape. Gaza Slim, however, has risen to the forefront with a slew of hits and her association and or entanglements (legally & illegally) with Vybz Kartel, The Dancehall Devil, has only aided her in showcasing her vocal abilities to the world under the direction of the devil himself.

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