May 24, 2014 Shuzzr

20140524-174859-64139646.jpg Dubbed as the Reggae Homophobic Queen, Queen Ifrica, has never passed on an opportunity to voice her stance against homosexuality and at times allegedly insights violence against the said minority group whether implicitly or explicitly.

In recent times, Ifrica, used the Jamaican Independence Gala platform to reiterate her stance and rally the nation’s mass in support of its fight against homosexuality. Jamaica is dubbed the “most homophobic” country in the world and has used Reggae & Dancehall Music along with key unofficial ambassadors to spread hate and discrimination.

Ifrica who was recently banned from Canada and has also had several other shows cancelled due to her pronouncements has yet again faced the wrath of the Aforementioned minority who successfully got her pulled as headliner at Amazura Concert Hall in Queens, New York tonight, due to mounting pressure from the gay community.

While I’m supportive of their actions to hold the artiste accountable for her prolonged negativity, we must use the opportunity to not just prevent Ifrica from performing but also other Entertainers within the Reggae & Dancehall Fraternity.

The Reggae Compassionate Act is one of the best pieces of proposals ever presented that should be edited and reintroduced as a tool to help curb such acts. The United States department of Foreign Affairs, Immigration and Culture should use the signatories of such said document as basis of granting work permits and or visa.

There are several key prominent Jamaican artiste apart from Ifrica that continue to promote hate lyrics that need to be addressed. The fight shouldn’t be just against Ifrica but rather any Artiste who uses their platform to promote any form of discrimination, hate and violence. While many may not agree with the recent form of activism, it’s passionate collaborative efforts like these that get immediate results.

We all can’t be desk lobbyist as not all can be achieved from private talks and workshops that only reinvented the wheel. Let’s use the moment to be more facilitative, present the facts, address the issue, provide alternatives, show the rewards and consequence and be more structured and effective in our resolve.

The fight isn’t just against the alleged victim of spousal abuse but rather against the ignorance that exists in this world.

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