Sharkies Seafood & Plantation Smokehouse Restaurant to host #WeLoveFood week

November 18, 2020
November 18, 2020 Shuzzr

Two of Jamaica’s Top North Coast restaurants, Sharkies Seafood & Plantation Smokehouse, will host #WeLoveFood week from November 21-26 as it seeks to re-introduce the dining out experience.

Local restaurateur, Alwyn Brown, of Sharkies Seafood and Plantation Smokehouse restaurants in St Ann, is set to kick off his #WeLoveFood week from Nov 21st – 26th. The #WeLoveFood week which is geared towards re-introducing the dining out experience at a time when the restaurant industry has seen a drastic decline in its operations globally, focuses on adhering to the World Health Organization safety protocols whilst providing tantalizing economic menu offerings in a safe environment. “It’s been a very interesting year for everyone and just as how our guests, my extended family has stood with Sharkies and Plantation Smokehouse over the months and years, I have to find innovative ways of meeting everyone’s need. This week is about ensuring that our guests are getting the opportunity to enjoy a night out affordably  in an environment that puts their health and safety first” stated Alwyn Brown, owner of Sharkies Seafood & Plantation Smokehouse.
Both Sharkies Seafood and Plantation Smokehouse will offer an economical 3 course meal to their guest in a revolutionary dining format. With ‘in-house’ and outdoor seating arrangements fostering social distancing; digital menus and other facility renovations, our guest can expect a renowned service meeting today’s changing need. A 2020 TripAdvisor Travelers Choice award recipient, Sharkies Seafood Restaurant continues to rival its competitors not just in taste and service but its economic offerings along Jamaica’s beautiful North Coast. Its sister location, Plantation Smokehouse, recently saw the likes of multi Grammy-award winning artiste and producer Kanye West visiting the eatery on his surprise visit to the island in September 2020. Sharkies Seafood and Plantation Smokehouse Public Relations Manager, Rickardo Shuzzr adds that “Both restaurants buy local products, employ local staff, support local activities as it seeks to foster sustainable community tourism. The weeks activities will showcase both restaurant’s menu offerings, exceptional service, beautiful landscape and will also demonstrate the North Coast vibrancy and resilience against the setbacks of the ongoing pandemic.”
As Jamaica and the world continues to find a sustainable balanced approach between economic engagement and public health and safety, we encourage everyone to responsibly wear a mask and support local businesses. Visit and or follow us on Instagram @SharkiesSeafoodRestaurant @Plantationsmokehouse for more details.
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  1. Jay Anaughe

    My experience when visiting Sharkies was beyond disappointing. From the outset our server, Trishawna; lacked any interest in engaging with us. I would definitely question why she opted to work in the hospitality/service industry.

    The service we received throughout our dining experience was beyond poor and extremely slow. And to add insult to injury, Sharkies had the audacity to apply a service charge, which I refused to pay!

    Sharkies claim to have a policy of resolving issues in the moment. However on several occasions we requested to speak with the duty supervisor but our requests were either a) ignored or b) we were lied too as both Nelson (and Marsha) informed there was no supervisor available despite them referring and seeking guidance from a mysterious person of authority; who also refused to verbally engage with me.

    I’ve since escalated my concerns (in writing) to Sharkies, which was responded by a person who did not leave their name and made insulting accusations about the behaviour of my group. I’m happy to share my “factual” e-mail exchange with Sharkies as they have yet to reply to my latest e-correspondence.

    To summarise, I wished I never stepped foot in this establishment. Compared to Milestone’s, Sharkies has nothing on them.

    Sharkies, I do not accept your apology and as promised as you’ve refused to resolve my concerns privately, I will publicly express my frustrations on all social media platforms. Sharkies inability to listen/learn from an international travellers feedback and offer a pragmatic resolution will be its undoing.

    And for the sake of clarity, NO, I will never return to any establishment where Alwyn Brown is the CEO, which also includes Plantation Smokehouse

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